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We offer the option to book a presentation about the camp, where we will talk to you and any future campers about how awesome camp is. Opt-in to book a meeting and we will contact you to set up a date!

  • October - May 15th GBC Toronto Office 206 Lord Seaton Road Toronto, ON, M2P 1K9
    Tel: (416) 225-4166 Fax: (416) 225-6036 Email: info@gbcamp.com
  • May 16th - September Glen Bernard Camp 2066 South Lake Bernard Road, PO Box 660 Sundridge, ON, P0A 1Z0
    Tel: (705) 384-7062 Fax: (705) 384-0155 Email: info@gbcamp.com

Where We Are

Glen Bernard is situated on 730 acres on the east side of Lake Bernard, near the village of Sundridge, Ontario (approximately three hours drive north of Toronto).

How it Looks

Lake Bernard is a land locked lake about 3 km wide and 7 km long with shallow margins, making it a great place for a camp. The sandy beach shoreline is ideal to accommodate all waterfront activities.

What it Has

The property includes open spaces for landsports activities, extensive trails through wooded areas for hiking and mountain biking, and elevations providing spectacular views overlooking the lake.