Let’s talk camp fees!


When I was a kid, camp was not a luxury, it was a necessity! That was my logic as a 9 year old with no thought of how it was going to get paid for. I know my mother struggled to make camp a reality for me. She enlisted the help of grandparents which lots of families do. There are more options now!

Camps have payment plans. Parents, guardians, grandparents, family members can stretch camp fees over a number of months. At Glen Bernard, we don’t charge a fee to use the monthly payment plan. It is a great way to work the fees into a monthly budget instead of paying the fees in a lump sum in the spring when they are due.

In Ontario, there are two amazing registered charities that provide funding for children from low-income families to attend camp. Kids in Camp believes every child deserves the opportunity to play, have fun and make friends in a safe camp environment. The family chooses which Ontario Camps Association accredited camp would best suit their child (includes day and overnight camp) and applies for funding in partnership with the camp of their choice. Amici’s mission is to foster personal growth and life-long skills in children with financial need through multi-year access to the unique environment of overnight camp. Both these charities are worth a look!



Some camps may also have their own “campership” fund which supports campers attending that particular camp. Be sure to ask!

Camp is definitely an investment. It is an investment in your children that we take seriously. Camps are happy to take your call, find out about your camper and answer any questions you have. Pick up the phone!