One of my Biggest Challenges at Camp


One of my biggest challenges at camp is balancing my friends.

At camp, I have an entirely different friend group than at school, and I’m almost closer to them than anyone else.

One summer, two of my friends from school decided to join us at GBC. At first I thought that it would be really fun, but I soon discovered that my friends from school wanted to hang out with me, and not my camp friends. I needed to go with them everywhere, to show them where to find various activities. I was under stress to make sure I was spending enough time with both groups of friends.

I know that camp is a place where I always feel happy and surrounded by people that I think of as family. I realized that I didn’t want to juggle friends anymore, so I made it my mission to merge both groups of friends. It took, a while, but eventually my school friends became ​my camp friends. It was one of the best summers of my life, and we still get together for halloween and things like that.

Camp teaches you amazing life skills such as overcoming challenges. I wouldn’t be the same person without GBC.

Amy Seglins