Summer camp: The gift that keeps on giving


I made the mistake of heading into Costco a couple of nights ago and well, there was the aisle with all the Holiday decorations. It snuck up on me kind of like how eating an entire box of Halloween candy does. It got me thinking about a blog post I wrote for Mabel’s Labels a while ago that I thought I’d share again as we head into the Holiday season! Enjoy!

As a parent, wouldn’t you just love to find that ONE gift for your child they would continue to love their whole life through? Ready? It IS out there….it is the gift of summer camp. But what exactly are the benefits of summer camp for kids? What are you giving your son or daughter by investing in the gift of camp? You are buying them fun, adventure, outdoor skills, an extended slumber party, freedom and acceptance to dress up in crazy wigs and clothes, a break from their technology and more! As someone who went to camp from the age of 7 through to 20, here is what I know my mother bought me (and now what I am giving and have given my children).

I was given life skills. She gifted me the exposure to finding out I was resilient. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. I’m one of those people. I can thank her for giving me the skills and knowledge to find my way out of a forest using a compass. This is still a relevant skill despite what our children say! I am proud to have been given the network of women I am a part of today. I can call on any of my “summer sisters” for advice, support or potential job prospects. It is like a club but you don’t have to pretend to be something you aren’t. PHEW! Kudos to her for teaching me that my behaviour CAN impact the life of a child. I learned at the age of 16 that I was a role model and part of a team.

Your gift of camp will teach your child that she/he matters to people in addition to their family. They will learn to belong to a group that feels like family. Your investment will equip them with skills that will not only help them, but that will be used to give back to others as they go through life. You will ensure that your child begins to learn conflict resolution in a safe, supportive environment. Your gift will bring a lifetime of happiness and fond memories. Isn’t that amazing? Imagine if you gave your child a toy that brought them happiness for decades? There would be a crazy rush during the holidays to get our hands on that one, elusive gift.

There are so many different types of camps to choose from. Start investigating! Talk to other Moms, go online, get referrals or book a tour of a camp you are interested in. Some camps will even come to your house and visit with you and your potential camper! Camp is a lifelong learning adventure. Take the plunge!